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Buying Gold, Silver and Precious Gems

We have permanent access to international market for the value of gold and silver, which allows us to be up-to-date and offer you always the BEST price. Come and bring in the jewellery that you no longer use, that is in bad state or broken and you will be AMAZED at the amount of money you can get for it

Custom  made jewellery

We are experts in customizing all types of jewellery with prices that are unmatchable. Design your jewellery with us and you will have a one of a kind piece made with the best of materials. With jewelers with over 25 years of experience, be a part of the creative process in order to make your dream a reality, at the best price

 jewellery Repair

Accidents, changes in size or preference can occur. Let us help fix or modify your favorite jewels with lots of care and professionalism. Come with us and we will make them look as good as new. We do maintenance and cleaning of your valuable jewellery!

Other Services that We Offer

Ring sizing

Chain and bracelet alterations

Plating & Soldering

Cleaning & Polishing


Battery change




Fixing and Selling Batteries for Watches

Bring to Gold One watches that do not work. We will examine it and tell you the problem at no cost. We also do battery change of common use for watches for only $5 .

Yes, you read that right! Only five dollars

Receiving and  Sending Money Orders

We offer the service of sending and receiving money orders. We want our clients to pay a reduced commission and a good exchange rate so that their money arrives quickly and safely.

We have a strategic ally that offers us all the necessary infrastructure to provide the best service.



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